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VAAC Army Logo Animation

Logo animation for the VAAC Army.  VAAC (Voice Activated Ad Compression) is an apllication allowing users to skip online ads using voice commands. This animation preceded the pilot epiosde of the web Series, VAAC Army, directed by Stan Wong.

Infinite Fountain Logo Animation

Logo animation for Stan Wong’s production company, Infinite Founatain.  This logo preceded the pilot episode of the web series, VAAC Army.

When We Were Live – Kickstarter Video

  Kickstarter fundraising video for the upcoming documentary, When We Were Live.  Written, directed, and edited (including the video on television) by John Spottswood Moore. Cinematography by Matthew Koshmrl.

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  • John Spottswood Moore is an animator, a filmmaker and a film enthusiast that has a BA from University of North Carolina in Creative Writing & Film Studies and a MFA from the University of Texas at Austin in Film & Animation Production.

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