The Process

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I’m still working on the documentary and because of a fantastic team we’re really making headway. My editor Sarah Deuel has revolutionized the edit and my animators have been working around the clock to help me finish this project.

You might be wondering what I’ve been doing if I have someone else editing my doc and other people doing the animation. Well for the record, I do a little of both. For example, I work alongside Sarah with her edit so that we know what to animate. Then I create an animatic, like below:

Then my animators help bring the animatic to life. I don’t want to show too much but here’s a quick preview. OCD Animation Still

This has been a very long and exhausting process but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

About John

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  • John Spottswood Moore is an animator, a filmmaker and a film enthusiast that has a BA from University of North Carolina in Creative Writing & Film Studies and a MFA from the University of Texas at Austin in Film & Animation Production.

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